wefox Appoints Former Zurich International CEO Peter Huber as Chief Insurance Officer

wefox, the Berlin-based digital insurance company, is continuing to build its world class team with the appointment of Peter Huber as Chief Insurance Officer. Mr Huber was formerly CEO at Zurich International. He starts at wefox on Monday 20th September.

Julian Teicke, CEO and founder of wefox, said: “I am delighted to announce Peter’s appointment. He is the second global insurance industry superstar to join us, following our new COO, Dr David Stachon, earlier this year.  Peter brings over 20 years of insurance and global business experience to the business. His knowledge together with his proven commercial acumen and leadership skills are second to none.” 

“We clearly stated our intentions back in June when we announced our record-breaking Series C investment round of $650m – we will invest in technology and growth globally and wefox will be the number one personal insurer within a decade. With Peter’s appointment, I truly expect to see those intentions accomplished.” 

Mr Huber comments: “I have long believed in the role insurance has to play in sustaining societies and helping to keep people safe by preventing risk. It’s why I joined the industry over 20 years ago. In wefox, I have found an organisation that believes as I do and is taking big, bold, disruptive steps to act upon what is now our shared purpose. wefox is already transforming the industry and making a positive impact. The business is really trying to make the world a better place. I was both impressed and motivated by the strength of passion and belief at wefox. There’s a humility at wefox that is missing in so many organisations. The business is open, engaged and determined.” 

“The fact that wefox also happens to be the only insurtech that clearly understands how to be successful and is actively doing so, made my decision to join the business an easy one. I am looking forward to joining the team and driving our insurance strategy, innovation and international expansion together with ensuring our enterprise is fit to continue to act upon our purpose today and tomorrow from both human and regulatory perspectives.” 

About wefox


wefox. Empowering Insurance.

wefox wurde 2015 von Julian Teicke, Fabian Wesemann und Dario Fazlic gegründet. Das Ziel des InsurTechs: Empowering Insurance - die Versicherungsindustrie vollständig zu digitalisieren und so alle Akteure auf einfachem Wege zusammenzubringen.

Im März 2024 wurde Mark Hartigan zum CEO der wefox Gruppe ernannt, um das Unternehmen in die nächste Wachstumsphase zu führen. Seit der Gründung 2015 hat das Unternehmen seinen Umsatz jährlich gesteigert und 800 Mio. USD im Jahr 2023 erzielt. wefox hat aktuell knapp 3 Mio. Kunden in seinen Märkten Deutschland, Österreich, Italien, Polen, den Niederlanden und der Schweiz.

Im Mai 2023 erweiterte wefox seine Series-D-Finanzierung um 55 Mio. USD und sicherte sich eine zusätzliche RCF in Höhe von 55 Mio. USD von J.P. Morgan und Barclays. Das Unternehmen ist mit 4,5 Mrd. USD bewertet.


wefox. Empowering Insurance.

wefox was founded in 2015 by Julian Teicke, Fabian Wesemann, and Dario Fazlic. wefox is an insurtech driven by a single purpose: Empowering Insurance - driving the digital transformation of the insurance industry and facilitating seamless collaboration among all stakeholders.

In March 2024, Mark Hartigan was appointed CEO of the wefox Group to lead the company into the next growth phase. Since its founding in 2015, the company has annually increased its revenue and achieved $800 million in 2023. wefox currently has nearly 3 million customers in its markets of Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

In May 2023, wefox expanded its Series D financing by $55 million and secured an additional RCF of $55 million from J.P. Morgan and Barclays. The company is valued at $4.5 billion

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